3D Furry NSFW Model: ANUBIS!

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I want this!

3D Furry NSFW Model: ANUBIS!

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9 ratings


She is "Anubis" an Original character that i made it and now you will get the power to make all your desires with this new 3D model of her.

You can use this model for Animation, video games, or whatever you want.

For comercial or non comercial purpuse, you are the master!!

In the package, you will get!

A professional 3D Character model with NSFW category, Full naked body, and her outfit.

You can remove it easily just hiring the layer.

With a full Rig Bone (facial rig, cartoon controls)

4K HD textures, for PBR materials

Ready to animate in Blender and export to any other software.

Discord Channel for any question! https://discord.gg/Ct9XmFG

Hope you enjoy it! And feel free to send me all your creations ;D!!

I want this!
Blender File 2.83
Facial Rig
Body Rig
NSFW Model
PBR HD Textures


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